Jeff Klein

Gardener, Teacher, Speaker

Transforming outdoor spaces to be more beautiful and sustainable brings me tremendous joy, moreso when working with a homeowner to do so. I came to this profession with a background in science: I hold an AB in Environmental Studies from Brown University and an MS in Natural Resources with an emphasis on forest health from Cornell University. I use this background, along with the accumulated knowledge of working with homeowners who can be brilliant horticulturists themselves, to deliver high quality work to clients.

When working with Companion Planting, you’ll be working directly with me. If there are specific tasks that require more manpower or time, a member of my team might join us. Either way, you can expect excellent results from committed people!

Our Mission

At Companion Planting, we create beautiful gardens that work in harmony with the natural world around them. We believe it’s not enough to make a space beautiful, it must also increase biodiversity, provide respite to bees and butterflies, adapt to a changing climate, and do all of this with as little chemical input as possible.

We believe that homeowners, not landscapers, know best what they want in their landscape. At the core of our work is the simple act of listening. We listen to what homeowners want, we learn their garden’s history, we hear their stories. This, above all, allows us to tailor our expertise to every yard we work with and every homeowner we meet.

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